Cobalt Niche is an exemplary design practice that epitomises the objectives of the DIA Award, namely a company with a substantial record of good design over a number of years, that employs and promotes Australian designers, and aligns with the DIA’s principles.

Cobalt Niche maintains a rich history of supporting, promoting and engaging with the Australian design community. They have amassed a sustained and award-winning portfolio of work that reflects the shifting nature of design with an emphasis on locally oriented and community co-created solutions. Their projects span a broad gamut of products and services, notably the E-Class tram, Keep Cup, Concave Football Boot, H2POD portable tree watering tanks and the 2015 (Victorian) Premier's Design Award for the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre Food Justice Truck.

Projects such as these demonstrate Cobalt Niche's ability to combine design thinking and technical expertise with a collaborative approach that solves real world problems: their work illustrates a commitment to the broader discourse surrounding sustainable and socially responsible design.

The DIA is pleased to bestow this honour on Cobalt Niche who have been members of the DIA for over 30 years and are an exemplar of Australian design practice.