Interior designers/decorators plan and prepare building interiors for effective use with particular emphasis on furnishings, finishes and aesthetic presentation.

Interior designers/decorators often work directly with the person who will occupy the space rather than working with other building or business professionals and must develop the skills to identify and accommodate another individual’s taste.

They frequently have an extensive knowledge of historic furnishing styles and their relationship to architectural periods, and employ a detailed understanding of the application and effect of colour and pattern.

Interior decorators plan, arrange and style the space, finishes and furnishings. They consider the purpose, efficiency, comfort and aesthetic of interior spaces to arrive at an optimum design.

They specify furniture, lighting, flooring, colour and fabrics to produce an environment tailored to a purpose.

An interior decorator may work as part of a team that may include the owner/client, an architect, builders, shop fitters, cabinet makers, furniture suppliers and materials suppliers. They may be required to organise the purchasing of materials and furnishings and the contracting and supervision of the tradespeople required to implement a project.

Many customers of interior decoration services are buying these services for their personal home and business environments and only require these skills occasionally. So it is common for interior decorators to be employed in retail and consulting businesses such as interior decoration businesses that mix both design and the retail supply of furnishings and interior design consultancies.

Tertiary interior decoration training has an emphasis on domestic interiors and small commercial interiors such as shops and private offices. However training will also provide grounding in commercial and industrial interiors such as corporate offices and public buildings.

ANZSCO (2006) occupation code 399912

What you’ll study

  • Design theory & practice
  • Construction
  • Materials & Finishes
  • Soft Furnishing
  • Design History
  • Lighting
  • Presentation Drawing
  • Working Drawings
  • Computer Aided Drafting & Design
  • Business Management

Where you’ll work

  • Interior Decoration Consultancies
  • Interior Decoration Shops
  • Design Consultancies
  • Retail Store Furnishing Departments
  • Self Employed

Other areas you’ll find work

  • Furniture, Furnishings & Fabric Suppliers
  • Shop Fitters