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Ralph Lauren from the USA, and with a strong American breath. Two brands of Polo by Ralph Lauren and Ralph Lauren under the name Ralph Lauren created a high-quality fashion marketing areas in the world, the glorious image designer Ralph Lauren and Ralph Lauren continue to carry forward the famous brand. Ralph Lauren "USA classic fashion" brand. Ralph Lauren is a deep breath USA high taste fashion brand, style is highly stylized two famous brand "Ralph Lauren" and "Ralph Lauren Polo" in common. In addition to fashion, Ralph Lauren Outlet brands include perfume, clothing, Home Furnishing etc.. Ralph Lauren outline is a USA dream: long lawn, crystal antique, Ma Baoju. Ralph Lauren products: whether it is clothing or furniture, both perfume or utensils, catered to the customer perfect on the upper social life yearning. Or as Ralph Lauren himself said: "the best reality I design goal is to realize people's dream - you can imagine." Ralph Lauren fashion design blending fantasy, romance, innovation and Inspiration of classical presentation, all the details of the structure is not in a time-out values. Ralph Lauren mainly middle-class or higher consumer income consumers and celebrities, and comfortable, good wear modest price Ralph Lauren Australia shirt in Europe or Asia, has become almost essential everyone wardrobe clothing style! The Ralph Lauren brand launched a new Vintage series clothing in 2014, the RL Vintage series, including many from brand for many years. In the case of classical design, all personally selected by designer, will be launched in the brand's own website, consumers will have the chance in the brand website choose and buy their own love of a single product. Ralph Lauren Corporation first lady luxury boutique in July 25, 2014 in China opens in Shanghai.

The store is located in Shanghai's new commercial landmark Rachel Europe Department, located in Shanghai Nanjing West Road the most distinguished lots, using two layer structure inside the store, a total area of 466 square meters. This dazzling new exclusive senior Ralph Lauren women's series and accessories, and for the first time in Chinese launched Cheap Ralph Lauren Shirts and jewelry series. Ralph Lauren plans to open five new stores in Chinese, Rachel Europe department store is the first opening of the first. New furnishings with gentle and neo classical decorative details as characteristic, elegant private Shopping Gallery environment distribution of two floors, clothing and accessories special sale noble. The new design to the early twentieth Century grand classical decorative art (Beaux-Arts) architectural style as inspiration, at the same time, according to the Ralph Lauren Polo Australia 2014 in the second half opened two flagship store on Paris St Germain Avenue and New York Avenue Madison's elegant demeanor. Limestone and bronze wall decorated with Ralph Lauren's signature windows, architectural features perfect lining bake indoor multiple colorful and Ralph Lauren series products.

Ralph Lauren is committed to expanding global business opened in Shanghai, the luxury boutique witness brand consolidation Asian market status determination, continue to bring extraordinary retail experience for customers around the world, showing the Ralph Lauren luxury, taste of life and the ideal and belief. Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation the history of the Ralph Lauren Polo Outlet largest men's flagship store grand opening, Rhinelander Mansion historic buildings located in the New York Madison avenue. Brand as early as 1986 in Rhinelander Mansion, make it a quaint building magnificent, customers can enjoy a breakthrough new shopping experience in the history of Ralph Lauren Outlet Australia traditional house. Area of nearly 1600 square meters of Rhinelander Mansion after the re build, became the first Ralph Lauren men's special flagship store, and as an equal in the opposite 888 Madison Avenue just the opening of the first lady and Home Furnishing flagship store. Ralph Lauren 2014 Holiday series ladies ad, photographer Richard Phibbs with a mirror, supermodel Valentina Zelyaeva on deduction, we show the quiet countryside.

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